Officers and Members



Position Description - Secretary


General Description



The Secretary is an Officer of the Board of Directors and assists in managing the daily and long-term operations of the Corporation through documented records of its meetings. The Secretary attends all Board of Directors and membership meetings. The Secretary acts as the clerk of the Corporation and records proceedings of such meetings, gives proper notice of meetings to members and Directors, and performs similar duties as assigned by the President or Board of Directors.


Specific Responsibilities and Duties:



  • Attends and records accurate minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and the membership.
  • Provides electronic drafts of all Board of Director meeting minutes within 72 hours.
  • Maintains archival and reference copies of meeting minutes (electronically and on paper).
  • Maintains and updates the Corporation’s calendar of events and maintains archival copies of the annual calendars
  • Holds one of two P.O. Box keys. Retrieves, opens, and disseminates all Corporate mail as appropriate.
  • Oversees all correspondence of the Corporation.
  • Participates in ongoing recruitment activities to increase membership levels.
  • Assists with all Corporation activities and events.