Officers and Members



Position Description - Workshop Director


General Description



The Workshop Director is a member of the Board of Director who manages the workshop operations of the Corporation and serves as the Chair of the Workshop Team.


Specific Responsibilities and Duties:



  • Attends Board and membership meetings and actively participates in the governance of the Corporation.
  • Investigates potential workshop instructors and topics to determine their suitability in meeting Corporation membership needs and presents findings to the Board.
  • Investigates potential sites and, with approval of the Board, makes necessary arrangements for workshop locations.
  • Upon Board approval, negotiates terms of workshop contracts, including dates, instructor fees, travel expenses, housing, and per diem rates as appropriate.
  • Maintains lists of all workshop participants for each event, including instructor fees and other associated costs pertaining to each workshop.
  • Seeks workshop evaluations from all participants, tallies the results and determines the feasibility of a repeat future workshop.
  • Receives and records all funds received from members including, but not limited to, workshop registration fees and fees for similar educational events, and forwards the funds to the Treasurer.
  • Complies with IRS requirements in obtaining and issuing the proper tax forms, including W-9's and 1099 and other similar forms.
  • Oversees the set-up, special needs, and general operations of the workshops.
  • Participates in recruitment activities to increase membership levels.
  • Assists with all Corporation activities and events.