Sept, 2014 Hot Press News

DWS Notecards!

$12 for a box of ten of the images and artists shown here.

To order note cards, please call Elizabeth Collard at (302) 645-4821.


The Delaware Watercolor Society (DWS) aims to promote and encourage mutually shared interests in watercolor media among its members and the public. The Society works toward fostering high-quality, professional art and creative contributions to the Delaware community through education events, exhibits, and other activities.

Miniature Fine Art Exhibition

October 5 - Nov. 9, 2014
The Buttery Restaurant

All Delaware Watercolor Society (DWS) members are encouraged to enter this members only special Miniature Exhibition.   At a minimum at least one of your entries will be in the exhibition, as many as possible will be included on a space available basis. Click here for prospectus (Updated September 14)

Second Tuesday November 11

Art Therapy: Who, What, Why?

Using art in your life and others as a healing and nurturing activity for body and soul. Bring your paints, paper, and imagination for an interactive session. (download brochure)